Why you need Business Importer

Business Importer integrates with QuickBooks, Sage One or Xero and is a highly time efficient solution helping our customers to import transactions, documents and entities into 3 main accounting platforms - QuickBooks, Sage One and Xero.

  • Import transactions into QuickBooks Online, Sage One and Xero
  • Export transactions from QuickBooks Online
  • Delete transactions from QuickBooks Online
  • Migrate accounts in QuickBooks Online

  • Easy to use

    Just connect your company and you can import, export and delete your data.


    Instead of typing the info for hours, import it directly into the QuickBooks, Sage One or Xero system. Import transactions – Business Importer is a solution!

  • Get total control over import.

    As soon as import will be finished you will be notified by email. Import transactions easily and without errors.


Try new experience with Business Importer


Business Importer has intuitive design. Inside the app there is a simple How-to guide that will help you to import Excel into QuickBooks or watch our short presentation video.


Integrates with QuickBooks, Sage One or Xero in 2 seconds!


Contact us whenever you want – get prompt answers to all your questions.

Why choose Business Importer

Import your data

Easy transactions import to QuickBooks Online, Sage One and Xero. Use Excel spreadsheets or provide a Google.Drive or DropBox link.

Easy mapping and e-mail notification

All your mappings are automatically saved in Business Importer. Use them in future. Get an e-mail notification once the import is done.

More possibilities: export and deletion

Export your transactions from QuickBooks Online and get Excel or IIF. Delete transactions in bulk.

Secure work

Business importer simultaneously integrates with QuickBooks, Sage One and Xero. It uses SSL to insure security of all your actions.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

More than 2,000 companies have already benefited from using Business Importer, they have imported 200,000 objects. Average satisfaction rate – 4.8 +.


Choose a plan depending on your needs or start a free 14-day trial. On a free trial, you have 50 rows per import and 100 total transactions or lists from Single Company. This is the ideal plan to test the app.


per month

  • Unlimited imports for Single company
  • The ideal plan for small businesses


per month

  • 2 companies
  • Unlimited imports for each company
  • The ideal plan for small businesses and accountants


per month

  • 40 companies
  • 3 additional users
  • Unlimited imports for each company
  • The ideal plan for accountants


per month

  • 1 additional users


per month

  • Need to 40+ companies? Send a request to our support to get information about a pricing plan that meets your needs


  • Great App That Saved Me TONS Of Time

    I am so thankful for business importer. Seriously. Saved my bacon. I used it to import almost 3 years worth of invoices from 2 different systems ... turned a 2 week data input nightmare into a one day import. Wouldn't mind seeing some CSV templates as I had to work through a few items such as "If I put this in this field where does it show up in QuickBooks?" ... but I did a couple of trials first (and also asked your awesome support a question ... got a quick reply), and then when I got it working, I did the whole bunch. So sweet.

    Stephdokin Chief Marketing Officer

  • One Of The BEST Apps Available!

    This is a great app and has helped save me time on several clients. The best thing is their customer service. When I have a question or need something special set up, they usually have it done within a day! And at no extra charge! I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to import ANYTHING into QuickBooks.

    Mindikus Business owner

  • Great Support And Willing To Add Based On Business Needs!

    I have been using Business Importer for importing my transactions into QuickBooks from various excel formats. Although the mapping is a bit tricky at times, I was able to find a proper solution for all my needs. In any case where I was missing any sort need, I simply asked the developer what I should do and they added anything I needed to the software (I run a multi currency business so there was a lot of needs in regards to multiple currencies). Overall, I am very satisfied with this service and will continue to use it for a long time to come!

    StuffTech Developer